4 basic rules for losing weight that girls should write them down

Without a specific plan or program, you can hardly get anything done quickly. And so does losing weight.

Reduce the amount of food you consume slowly

You want to lose your weight right now? And you are following a really strict diet? This is in fact will not bring along any benefit in losing weight as you expected. As human’s body can’t  adapt to cutting down on the amount of energy necessary for staying healthy in a short period of time.

What’s more is that, when your weight is high, distributing the amount of food that your body consumed unevenly might lower your blood glucose level or cause some other complications which will affect your daily activity in a negative way.

Hence, you had better both dieting and reducing the amount of food step by step. Try to eat a little bit less each day, separate one meals into many small ones so that you will not be hungry but at the same time do not load too much food into your body at once.

1.	Reduce the amount of food you consume slowly

Notice the time for exercising

Doing exercise is the thing that can’t be ignored when it comes to losing weight. Since this is by far the fastest way to help you burn fat and lose weight.

However, which is the right method to do exercise and how to reduce your fat effectively is a real problem. Concerning that, how much time is enough is a very important thing. If you practice too much in a day, not only will your work be affected but also your health is harmed. Your body always needs time to recover after long time of practicing. Therefore, besides doing exercise, let your body some time to relax.

Yet it will not really bring you any changes in weight if you do not exercise enough. There are different exercises depend on everybody’s weight. The best way for you is to ask for the doctor’s recommendations or your coach’s to get the idea of what your body truly needs. From the advices, you can figure out the exact exercise that helps your body work.

2.	Notice the time for exercising

Choose fresh food

All of your efforts can be disappeared just because of the small amount of food that you put into your stomach doesn’t help.

Eating foods that have high amount of glucose such as beans, mushrooms… can somehow help to create a balanced environments in your stomach. On the other hand, these kinds of foods also include a fixed amount of iron, calcium, protein and some kinds of vitamins (that is solvent in water and low in calories) and nutrientsso6ng1feed your body.

Onions, garlic, yogurt and bananas can accelerate your losing weight process. In onions there is a compound that can burn fat. While yogurt can help reduce fat in blood, banana has high amount of calories that makes you feel full for a long time and do not feel like eating anything else.

One other thing is please get away from junk food like fried potatoes, soda or instant noodles.

Choose fresh food

Sleep enough

It is often said that “ Eat less, sleep less” and you’re going to lose your weight but that is in fact completely wrong. Your body, your beauty and even your longevity might be harmed.

Make sure that your sleep is 8 hours long every night even if you are in a losing weight progress or not. Only by living moderately and scientifically can make your body healthy and avoid unwanted diseases.

Sleep enough